Three republican newspapers became interested in a popular science article by an employee of department of the research and mountain agrobiodiversity!

National park employees working in a specially protected natural area try to convey to the public the work done to protect, preserve, reproduce and control changes in the country’s natural resources. Such systemic work is carried out in the Ile-Alatau state national natural park. Employees of department of the research and mountain agrobiodiversity regularly supply republican publications with interesting, informative and useful articles for the readers. These works are of particular importance. It is gratifying that the work of the national park employees is regularly published in the republican media. Moreover, these works give great impetus to the creative success of specialists in this field. We decided to present to the attention of virtual readers a published copy of a series of articles written in february.

T. M. Zhaparkulov, researcher of the Ile-Alatau SNPP